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Class of 2016

Movita Johnson HarrellMovita Johnson-Harrell is a wife, mother and grandmother. She graduated in May of 2004 from the University of Pennsylvania with her Masters of Social Work. As the executive director of MECA, Inc. for two decades she has advocated, cared for and improved the quality of life for disenfranchised groups that include the chronically mentally ill, dually diagnosed (mental illness and substance abuse disorders), intellectual disabilities and homeless. She is a Department of Human Services approved master, trainer and administrator.

On January 13, 2011 Movita’s youngest of four children, Charles Andre Johnson 18 years old was killed in a case of mistaken identity. In April of 2011 Movita created the CHARLES Foundation, (Creating Healthy Alternatives Results in Less Emotional Suffering) Since implementing the foundation Movita has worked to protect and empower our youth. She has worked with Heeding God’s Call, The Focused Deterrence Strategy, The District Attorney’s Office, CeaseFire PA, Delco United for Sensible Gun Policy and many other initiatives to eliminate gun violence in Pennsylvania and nationally. She engages the young men in Philadelphia that are identified as those likely to kill and be killed. Movita is the proud recipient of the University of Penn’s School of Social Work Anita Langsfeld Award, the Jane S. Abrams Award for Outstanding Community Service and the Resources for Children’s Health Community Service Award. Movita was recently honored as one of the WDAS FM’s Women of Excellence and she is also the recipient of the 2015 Lucien E. Blackwell Guiding Light in the Community Honors. 

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