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Dec 7 2017

Emerge Pennsylvania Graduate, Janet Díaz featured in La Voz Lancaster! 

Nov 14 2017

Emerge Pennsylvania alumna and board member, Lindsey Williams, and board member, Megan Williams were featured on the Incline's list of Who's Next in Politics. 

Nov 9 2017

Kristin Seale, who works for an energy non-profit and lives in Media, had already been thinking about getting involved in local politics after she was elected as a Bernie Sanders delegate to 2016’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, but she said the shock of President Trump’s victory last November “sealed the deal.” She went through a training program for first-time candidates, filed to run for a seat on the Rose Tree Media school board, a longtime GOP bastion, and with her volunteers this fall rang about 3,000 doorbells.

Nov 8 2017

Wakabayashi is the executive director of Emerge Pennsylvania, the local chapter of the national accelerator for Democratic women running for office, which just had a killer night: Six out of six alumnae who ran for office, including five members of the 2017 class and one from 2016, won their races.

Oct 16 2017

Lindsey Williams, an Emerge Pennsylvania graduate, has announced her candidacy for Pa. State Senate, 38th district. Learn more about how she became a whistleblower on the Whistleblowers Association and why she is running for State Senate! 

Jul 9 2017

First-time candidate Deborah Kalina, who won her May 2017 primary election, is vying for a seat on Southern York County school board.

Kalina, 54, is president of the York County Democratic Federation of Women. She said women should be engaged in politics.

"I think the conversation is so divisive," the Codorus Township resident said. "We all have to understand what it's like to govern. It's by and for us."

Kalina participated in a six-month program called Emerge Pennsylvania, meant to support and train female Democrats who might be interested in running for office.

Kalina said not only did she learn organizational skills as an Emerge Pennsylvania graduate, but she also learned how to collect petition signatures for the ballot, craft a fundraising plan, write media messaging and develop a campaign strategy.

Jun 8 2017

Among its Pennsylvania graduates was Natasha Taylor-Smith, an attorney who was a teenager when her son was born. She had soured on Democratic politics after running unsuccessfully for a judgeship in 2015 in a race where she saw little enthusiasm among the party machine for reaching out to voters from backgrounds like hers.

May 15 2017

After Donald Trump was declared the president-elect on Nov. 9, many American women felt discouraged by the election. After the country came so close to having its first female president, many wondered when the next opportunity for one would be. However, since Trump's inauguration, it has become clear that women are pushing harder than ever to earn the equal political representation they deserve. As of late April, EMILY's List, a group that works to train women to run for office, has reported 1000 percent increase in the number of women running for office since the election.

Bustle featured several women from Pennsylvania including Emerge Pennsylvania alumna, Paige Strasbaugh. 

Mar 14 2017

Emerge Pennsylvania, a two-year-old affiliate of the national organization Emerge America, operates with the belief that change can start by getting more Democratic women into office. The org hopes to achieve that by both encouraging and training a cohort of women to run through its seven-month training program.

Emerge PA just had its first cohort last year and there was at least one big result — Carolyn Comitta, the current mayor of West Chester, Pa., unseated Republican Dan Truitt as the new state representative in the 156th Legislative District. (Cohort member Diane Cornman-Levy ran unsuccessfully for state representative in Delaware County but is now leading the charge for women and gender equality as the new executive director of Women’s Way.)

Mar 4 2017

"We went from our usual level of 30 to 35 applications to 65," said Wakabayashi, on the phone from her Harrisburg office. "Three-quarters of those applications came after the election. The women are coming into the training session fired up. They are angry at what they are seeing and channeling it into doing something good for their community."

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